rothoblaas offers a new joint system to the Japanese market

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Thursday, 24. May 2012
Category: News

Monday 14th May Mr. Yoh Nakashima, Manager of the development department of Meiken Lamwood Corp and our colleague Fernando Mena, met in Cortaccia to talk about a possible future collaboration between both companies.

The Japanese company, situated in the Maniwa city, is the biggest producer of glulam in Japan, 250.000 m3 per year, almost the same amount produced in the whole of Italy. With more than 200 employees, Meiken Lamwood Corp produces glulam beams  and panels made of sugi, typical Japanese wood, and wood imported from Europe used in wood structure and houses. The beams are typically  15 m in length and can be between 250 and 390 mm thickness.

Japan traditional architecture is famous for the use of wood in construction.  Master builders use this material and innovative joint techniques to construct robust wooden buildings that have remained intact for centuries despite strong and frequent earthquakes.  Since the beginning of 2011, Meiken Lamwood Corp has been performing seismic tests with glulam panels and HBS screws to  prove the resistance and flexibility of the rothoblaas products with a view to obtaining the required certifications. The results have been positive! HBS screws not only didn’t  break but distorted following the movement changes of the wooden beam.

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