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    Friday, 22. July 2016

    Don’t be a fool: use the...

    Monday, 4. April 2016

    myProject: New realease...

    Wednesday, 17. February 2016

    Fall Protection Systems:...

    Wednesday, 17. February 2016

    Soundproofing Solutions:...

    Wednesday, 23. September 2015

    Our first Smartbook is...

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  • 25 years of experience and innovation within the wood construction sector

    Robert Blaas and Peter Lang
    Robert Blaas and Peter Lang

    Rotho Blaas is an Italian multinational - with origins in the Alpine region - a leader when it comes to the development and offer of highly technological solutions within the wood construction sector.
With this same technical skill and professionalism for which Rotho Blaas is known worldwide providing fastening solutions, it presently represents a reliable partner for all design or on-site technical requirements within reference sectors. Developing most of its very own products right from conception of the solution up until its launch on the market, technicians and product experts work on the design of all fastenings, sealing systems or anchoring points to be able to offer support during work stages.
Its role is to develop and offer solutions to improve wood constructions, by means of research and development of technical products which aim to improve the quality of life and environmental sustainability.
Thanks to the professionalism and specializations of external technical consultants, the offer includes personalised support and a wide range of products in order to find solutions which are perfectly suited to customer requirements.
We are currently present in 30 countries, specifically with 5 distribution centres which opened last year, the first in Riga in Latvia and 4 others on the South American continent; as from March, the new distribution centre in Saint Petersburg will initiate its delivery management activity. We currently have 245 employees and a constantly growing sales network. 

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