Traspir UV 160TT

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Wednesday, 20. June 2012
Category: News

Breathable UV-resistant wind barrier for walls

Breathable membrane consisting of a waterproof PES substrate lining especially resistant to UV radiation. Especially indicated for the direct application on wooden walls or on the cold side of heat insulation, with unlimited open joints.

  • UV resistance - unlimited
  • No limit to open joints
  • In Double tape version
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Windproof, increases energy saving

Application tips:

For direct laying on wooden linings or thermal insulator behind facades or on partially open facades with no limit to number of joints and size of apertures
The membrane is mechanically fastened to the wooden support using staples; please follow laying indications.
Windproofing of the horizontal joints is ensured via the use of self-adhesive overlaps; butt joints are sealed using specific adhesive tapes or glues for membranes.

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