Frame Band

Frame band

Frame band

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Friday, 10. August 2012
Category: News

The all-purpose sealing tape for window frame joints  is a self-adhesive impregnated pur foam band provided with a special film which makes it perfectly airtight; thus it contributes to an excellent decrease in vapour diffusion from the inside outwards (50:1)

  • 100% air tight guaranteed by the inner film
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation. Demonstrated by guaranteed technical values
  • 100% resistant to pouring rain: ≥ 1,000 Pa
  • Sealing of window frames in one single work stage Makes for fast, efficient work


  • Frame band is suitable for sealing door and window frames in one single work stage.
  • It is an “intelligent” band working according to the 3-level principle: on the outside it provides high resistance to pouring rain, in the middle it has good thermal and acoustic insulation and inside it guarantees absolute impermeability to the diffusion of vapour.

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