New SYST anchor point!

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Wednesday, 16. May 2012
Category: News


SYST is approved as an anchor point used on plane or sloping metal seamed roof for 3 persons (included one person for first aid) or as a final, corner or intermediate support of a horizontal anchor line for 4 persons. Suitable for the following fall protection systems according to EN 363:2008:
Restraint Systems
Work positioning systems
Fall arrest systems
Rescue Systems 


Made of aluminum, with stainless steel screws.
Overall dimensions of the article 680 mm x 195 mm
Wheel clamps 410 mm to 610 mm
Closing force of the clamps over the aluminum roof 20 NM
It  is required the use of a double seamed roof that respects the regulations in force (thickness of the seamed roof: steel ≥ 0,5 mm, aluminum ≥ 0,7 mm), an underlay structure statically stable and the use of original fixing systems suitable for different surfaces.


SYST is certified by EN 795:1996 class A2 e class C.
The test was performed statically and dynamically on the original surface.

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