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giovedì, 24. maggio 2012
Categoria: News

Aladin Stripe

Strip made of split EPDM for blocking the noise of footsteps

The importace of the acoustic insulation

The quality of acoustic insulation is one of the most important factors affecting the liveability of a house. For this reason good acoustic insulation is extremely important. In wooden buildings, acoustic insulation gains special importance and the installation of soundproofing materials inside the structure is indispensable.
The ALADIN STRIPE reduce 4 dB and is available in different sizes. It covers greater linear loads present in wooden structures and an application thickness between 2 and 3 mm can be obtained. Its installation is easy and quick because the product can be installed with common woodworking tools .


  • Suitable for installation between wood and wood to separate the material so as to absorb the irritating noise of footsteps.
  • To increase the soundproofing capacity, it is advisable to install the profile both under and over the wood floor.

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