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A wide range of fall protection systems for industrial environments and roofs, united with a service of specialized technical support and a widespread net of consultants on the territory. This is the recipe to guarantee a complete and skilled technical support in the phases of planning, realization and maintenance of safety installations.

Discover the complete range

Rothoblaas is a modern manufacturer that designs, manufactures, certifies and launches its solutions using the own brand. Each stage of the production is subject to strict, systematic checks by notified third parties in order to ensure a correct process.

A wide range of access and transit solutions to carry out operations in total safety.

Consultancy and design

A service of specialised technical assistance and a network of consultants are always available to provide comprehensive and competent technical support when designing, implementing and servicing safety systems.


The choice of a product is important but its installation is even more important. The telephone and on-site support by our technicians includes: support during the installation of anchoring devices and PPE.
Possible inspections directly on site. Evaluation of special situations that require a more indepth technical support.

Check and review

In addition to the visual inspection that is done before and after use, all 3rd-class PPE must be checked by experienced personnel at least annually. Rothoblaas not only remindes you about the inspection due date but carries also out the annual review. The inspection is documented in the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) booklet attached to each product, which must be retained.

Cutting-edge training

Wide range of training courses and technical seminars dedicated to updating industry professionals' skills. Designers and installers can take advantage of our training offer to enrich their skills on safety issues.

Technical details

Are you working on a project to ensure the security of a roof? In our technical details libraries you can find ready elements that can be directly included in your project. Download them from the dedicated section.