MyProject is the practical and reliable software for the design and the verification of metallic connections in wooden structures. A tool that simplifies your job, in just a few steps, to generate the complete notes of the calculation.

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Calculation and verification of the metallic connections for structural elements

Note of the calculation customizable with the logo of your own studio 

Thermohygrometrical checks of the opaque building components in static and dynamic conditions.

Constantly up to date regulations

 Declarations of performance directly accessible from the software interface 

 Possibility of data export in CAD format

Make life simplier! Download MyProject immediately and improve your way of designing. 

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X-ONE connection
for CLT panels

Design and verification of connections between CLT panel and X-ONE connector. The verification is according to the European Technical Assessment ETA 15/0632 for actions in all directions according to the connection's resistance domain. It is possible to insert many different deriving forces i.e. from numerical modelling with simultaneous verification of the load conditions.

Bending moment connection
with self-perforating dowels WS

Calculation and verification of rigid connections between right-angle and knee beams, using self-drilling pins and metal plates in various configurations (single or double, double T, full, etc.)

Connections primary-secondary beams with VGS and VGZ connectors 

Calculation and verification of timber to timber connection with fully threaded screws inserted in a cross configuration or parallel inclination, according to construction requirements. Possibility of different schemes with modification of secondary beam inclination in horizontal or vertical direction.

Structural reinforcements with
fully threaded VGS
and VGZ connectors

Calculation and verification of structural reinforcement realized with fully threaded screws with cylindrical head or countersunk head. Typical application regard reinforcements of tension parallel to the grain in notched beam, reinforcements of grain perpendicular compression in lateral and intermediate support and reinforcement of perpendicular tension in hanged loads.

Fixing of continuous insulation
using DGZ connector

Dimensioning and verification of twin-threaded DGZ connector for the fastening of continuous insulation on roofs. Design either with rigid or soft insulation, creating a database of customized computations.

Connections using hidden
ALU brackets

Calculation and verification of slanted connection between wooden structural elements (beam to beam or beam to pillar) using a hidden bracket. Possibility of selecting two different computation methods (as per ETA 09/0361 and as per experimental model).

Shear connections using
HBS - HBS + evo – TBS screws

Calculation and verification of shear connections using screws for wood to wood, steel to wood and wood to panel connections. Single and double slanted connections, with possibility of customizing geometry and material variety.

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