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Unione europea e sostenibilità
Unione europea e sostenibilità
Author: Rothoblaas

The European Union and sustainability

Sustainability is a long-term investment, often overshadowed by other, more pressing issues in the eyes of local governments and policy makers. The European Union, however, can be more far-sighted, investing in the long term and promoting activities pivotal to the Union’s not-so-immediate future. One such activity is the implementation of sustainable development, for which the construction industry is key. 

Constructing energy-efficient buildings and with sustainable materials is in fact one of the most effective solutions in this regard, explaining why timber construction is actively endorsed and promoted by several European projects. Rothoblaas plays a leading role in three of these: Build-in-Wood, MEZeroE and Woodcircles

1. Build-in-Wood: wood as a construction material 

The Build-in-Wood project is designed to revolutionise the construction industry, transforming the way timber structures are both perceived and utilised in the EU. The aim is to make timber construction a primary, sustainable and scalable choice for urban development. There are 21 partners making up the Build-in-Wood consortium, all key players in the timber construction supply chain in the 12 countries they represent, from initial procurement through the final handover of the building. Rothoblaas is one of them, thanks to its solutions allowing the construction of highly efficient, comfortable, safe and even large timber buildings. 

2. MEZeroE: zero impact is a matter of numbers 

MEZeroE stands for "Measuring Envelope products and systems contributing to the next generation of healthy nearly-Zero-Energy buildings". A neat way of saying that the building envelope is key to energy efficiency and that its performance must be measured to achieve a zero or near-zero energy balance. MEZeroE, similarly a consortium, focuses on extending its reach as far as possible to include builders, property owners, public authorities, manufacturers of building materials and research centres that measure performance. All stand to gain from energy-efficient buildings and all can play a role in promoting their development. Rothoblaas contributes to the project by lending its expertise in the supply of building components, especially membranes, which measurably improve the energy efficiency of buildings. 

3. Woodcircles: reusing and recycling wood in construction 

Only half of European waste-wood is currently reused or recycled. The Woodcircles project aims to significantly increase this share by promoting the circular use of wood in construction. Coordinated by the Danish Technological Institute, Woodcircles harnesses the collective experience of 20 organisations, including Rothoblaas, which is developing innovative solutions to facilitate the reuse and recycling of wood in construction. 

Goals and future 

The European Union, by funding projects such as Build-in-Wood, MEZeroE and Woodcircles, plays a key role in promoting sustainable construction. These initiatives not only support crucial goals key to the future of the planet, like the 2030 Agenda adhered to by the UN’s 193 members, but also pave the way for future legislation that could potentially mandate sustainable construction practices. Construction is the foundation upon which we can and must build our future here on the planet, sustainably. 

Technical Details

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