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Welcome to Rothoblaas: your journey begins here!

Over 600 rebels from more than 70 countries. A shirt, a squad, a great YOU together with US!
Nobody here is a doctor, sir, professor, we are "Rebels at work!"
Together, we create innovative products and revolutionise the way timber professionals, including security specialists, work. 

Any doubts? We are ready to clarify them and train professionals.

Why? Because authentic innovation starts with collaboration and the willingness to find unique solutions. Together.


7 good reasons to choose each other.

  1. 1. We have believed, still believe and will believe in timber as in occupational safety;

  2. 2. We will go to the moon, yet not before continuing to study together unique solutions such as SPIDER, XYLOFON and ALUMEGA;

  3. 3. We will be informal and different, make mistakes together, because making mistakes makes people learn;

  4. 4. We will work to transform the concept of sustainability into responsibility: corporate, social and environmental;

  5. 5. We will be artisans, technologists, scientists, creative, united, curious, and celebrate achievements together;

  6. 6. Our catalogues? The most stylish in the industry. Our communication? Bold and inimitable;

  7. 7. We will look beyond the glass and find every day one of the most beautiful places in the world to live;

Do you want another one? Add it yourself!


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Masonry 2
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Beyond the ordinary: live it to believe it

At the heart of our corporate culture, you will find a dynamic working environment where the development of your skills will go hand in hand with a genuine team spirit. Here you will not be just a number: you will have a real opportunity to contribute to the growth of the company, to interact with different people and, above all, to freely express your ideas.

If you are looking for a place to make a difference, this is the place.



Here you are at the centre of an ever-changing environment

We are international, multicultural and ready to embrace new things. We are looking for someone like you, because your vision will make ours richer and push us "to infinity and beyond".

Move with us

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We burn with passion and dedication 

Do you also look up? Do you also believe that imagining the impossible is the only way to really achieve it? 

Together we can reach the rooftops of the world's tallest timber skyscrapers, those that were not there before but are now.

Here, where dedication and passion are the beginning, but also the goal.


Ask around, everyone will tell you

Besides work, there is an air of celebration here. Every achievement is a reason to toast, and every challenge is an opportunity to strengthen ties. We like to be like that: a united team that values individuals and celebrates achievements thanks to everyone's contribution.

Because "work" counts, but "Rebels at work" more!



In Cortaccia we are inspired

We have large spaces for meetings, gatherings and training sessions, terraces for informal chats, a canteen with 10 different dishes a week, a fitness area for training, a bar where they call you by name and know your taste.

Architecture? In timber, of course!

The landscape outside? A splendid territory, ready to be explored and all to be experienced.

Ready to become a Rebel with us?


Rothoblaas HQ

It is time to recognise your commitment

From continuous training to state-of-the-art work equipment to exclusive corporate events: we value your contribution and want to enrich your experience with us.
An advantage is a commitment. The one towards you.


Enter a world where your autonomy is valued

Manage your time thanks to flexible working hours, drive in style with a dedicated car and plan your schedule according to your business goals. And remember, if you decide to join our sales team, you will not be just anyone: you will be a trained Technical Sales Representative and ambassador for Rothoblaas in your area.
Direct confrontation will not be missing: we organise meetings and training sessions with the team.

Because for us, "Rebels at work" means inclusion.

Is our motto also yours?


On the Road - Rothoblaas


Every day is what counts.

To work well, you have to be well. Time flexibility will allow you to better balance work and personal life.

Another thing that might seem unbelievable to you is our open space, designed specifically for discussion without invading each other's space.

What if you want a break? Bar and canteen are open and ready to welcome you.

At Rothoblaas, every day makes a difference.


Wherever you are, you are with us

With a strong base in Italy and over 30 subsidiaries around the world, each of our offices, large or small, is a source of inspiration and sharing of ideas.

We operate administrative offices and physical branches in several locations around the world. To contribute to the economic development of our host countries, we support our coworkers and the communities in which we work.


Mappa Consociate

Become a Rebel at work in 5 steps

Choose the position that suits you and send your application to the team!
Our Talent Acquisition team is ready to discover the rebel in you, even if you send a spontaneous application.
Here's how it works:


Online Application

Fill in the form and attach your CV
Receive a confirmation notification
Guaranteed response within 10 days


CV evaluation

Analysis of qualifications and competences
Positive response and invitation to interview
If it is a no, don't be discouraged, we will let you know and you can try again in the future!


First Interview

Meeting with the Talent Acquisition Specialist
Exploration of motivations and tuning with "Rebels at work" values
Guaranteed feedback within 2 weeks
We can speak in many languages: IT, EN, FR, DE, ES


Second Interview

Meeting with the future manager
Detailed discussion on the role and expectations
We will speak to each other in the language of the first interview: IT, EN, FR, DE, ES



Presentation of your salary proposal and benefits package


Your questions, our spirit

The link to apply is not working. What should I do?

Don't panic! Send your CV directly to:

I do not see my ideal role among the open positions. What now?

Be rebellious! Send a spontaneous application by clicking here.

Can I aim for more than one role?

Of course! But we suggest you apply for positions that align with your interests and experience.

When will I hear about my application?

Maximum 10 days. Promised.

How do I prepare for our meeting?

Explore our world: location details, website, vision, mission and values. Remember, be authentic.

What about onboarding? How does it work?

Headquarters: the first weeks? Pure Rothoblaas style. Casual, direct, no frills. Field training and a "Buddy" to introduce you to the company and share tips about what’s on the other side of the glass.

Sales network: In-field support, an induction plan, training, and an immersion into our culture.

Subsidiary: Let's get started! An introduction to the Rothoblaas team, training, and a journey into our nature.

When will I meet my future manager?

At the second interview. It will be an informal meeting!

Welcome Experience, never heard of it, what is it?

It is our interactive platform: a virtual tour of the company and lots of useful information that you can always consult online!

And the benefits?

Headquarters: flexibility, training, Rothobar and canteen with our "in da house" chef, conventions, parcel delivery, parking, fitness, events, mountain biking, paragliding, celebrations, welcome kits, gifts for newborns.. and much more!

Technical Sales Representative: flexibility, training, company car (check by reading the ad for which you are applying), team events, visit to Headquarters, welcome kit, gifts for newborns... and more!

Subsidiary: flexibility, training, team events, Headquarters visit, welcome kit, gifts for newborns.

Where will I be based?

Headquarters: in Cortaccia, along the famous Wine Route. Here, amidst lush vineyards and a landscape that tells stories of tradition and innovation, is where we live each meaningful day. A place where nature meets the rebel work culture, creating a unique blend of passion and dedication.

Technical Sales Representative: in your area of expertise, with the freedom to manage your appointments and your time.

Subsidiary: in the subsidiary of your choice. No ocean can hold, wherever you are, you will be one of our Rebels. 

How do you get to Cortaccia?

In several ways:

By car
in one of the 250 spaces available between the offices and the company garden

By train
Because the train station is 500 metres from the company's main entrance

By bike
The bike path passes right in front, you can get there from the Piana Rotaliana but also from Bolzano!

But maybe it's better not to, because swimming the Adige River is not within everyone's reach ;)