Every month we send newsletters in order to:

• Promote our products or services;
• Promote our business;
• Invite our users/clients to participate in events, training courses at our offices, fairs and seminars.

To sign up, you can use the form on the newsletter page, which can be found in the footer of Rotho Blaas sites

The newsletter is managed together with MailChimp and your email address is memorised on the MailChimp servers and the Rotho Blaas srl CRM. You can read MailChimp’s privacy policy here.

Like any platform used for managing newsletter, MailChimp offers information on who opens the newsletters and clicks on links; Rotho Blaas uses this information to understand if it is writing interesting content for those who read it, and adapt accordingly.

For your information:

• if you do not want the party sending you a newsletter to know that you have opened it, read the newsletter without downloading the images;

• if you do not want your clicks on the links in a newsletter to be tracked, copy the links and open them directly in your browser; this can be done more easily if you copy the links from the text only version.

The manager of the marketing department and newsletter data processor is Laura Dalvit and she will not disclose your email address to any other party for any reason (unless you authorise her to do so).