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The TRASPIR 135 highly breathable membrane optimises the structure wind tightness, protecting it from the entry of hot draughts in summer and cold draughts in winter. Available with or without integrated tape.

TRASPIR 135, the waterproofing membrane that ensures excellent wind tightness.

It consists of a microporous film and protective polypropylene layers, the TRASPIR 135 membrane is designed for application on the external side and on the internal one of walls and roofs. The double tape integrated in the TT version ensures quick installation and professional sealing.

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Item specification
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CODE description tape H
T135 TRASPIR 135 - 1.5 50 75 4' 11'' 164 807 36
TTT135 TRASPIR HOUSE 135 - 1.5 50 75 4' 11'' 164 807 36

Technical Data
EN 13859-1/2
national-classifications CH SIA 232 UD (fU)
national-classifications DE ZVDH USB-A UDB-B
national-classifications FR DTU 31.2 E1 Sd1 TR1 E450 Jf C1
national-classifications IT UNI 11470 C/R1

Property Standard Tested Values USC Conversion
Mass per unit area EN 1849-2 135 g/m² 0.44 oz/ft²
Thickness EN 1849-2 0,6 mm 24 mil
Water vapour transmission (Sd) EN 1931 0,02 m 174.825 PERM
Tensile strength MD/CD EN 12311-1 280 / 190 N/50mm 32 / 22 lb/in
Elongation MD/CD EN 12311-1 70 / 110 % -
Resistance to nail tearing MD/CD EN 12310-1 135 / 170 N 30 / 38 lbf
Watertightness EN 1928 class W1 -
Thermal resistance - -40 / 80 °C -40 / 176 °F
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 class E -
Resistance to penetration of air EN 12114 < 0,05 m³/(m²·h·50Pa) < 0.003 cfm/ft² at 50Pa
Thermal conductivity (λ) - 0,3 W/(m·K) 2.08 (BTU·in)/(h·ft²·°F)
Specific heat - 1800 J/(kg·K) -
Density - ca. 225 kg/m³ -
Water vapour resistance factor (μ) - ca. 33 -
VOC content - 0 % -
UV stability EN 13859-2 3 months -
Exposure to weather - 2 weeks -
Water column ISO 811 > 250 cm > 98.4252 in
After artificial ageing - watertightness EN 1297 / EN 1928 class W1 -
After artificial ageing - maximum tensile force MD/CD EN 1297 / EN 12311-1 250 / 160 N/50mm 29 / 18 lb/in
After artificial ageing - elongation EN 1297 / EN 12311-1 50 / 50 % -
Flexibility at low temperatures EN 1109 -40 / °C -40 / °F


Supply and installation of highly breathable membrane, type TRASPIR 135
CE marking according to : EN 13859-1/2


– Mass per unit area : 135
– Water vapour trasmission (Sd) (m) : 0,02
– Maximum tensile force MD/CD (N/50mm) : 280/190
– Elongation MD/CD (%) : 60/75
– Resistance to tearing MD/CD (N) : 125/135
– Watertightness (class) : classe W1
– VOC emission (COV) (%(class A+)) : 0
– Temperature resistance (°C) : -40/+80

Indicazioni di posa per: PARETE

TRASPIR 135 wird parallel zur Richtschwelle bzw. bei Wandverlegung parallel zum Boden verlegt. Die zweite Schicht muss die vorherige mindestens 15 cm überlagern. Jede Schicht muss mit einer mechanischen Befestigungsvorrichtung am Untergrund gesichert werden (z. B. HAMMER STAPLER, HAND STAPLER o PNEU STAPLER). Außerdem empfiehlt es sich, die Folien auch bei Kopfverbindungen mindestens 30 cm zu überlagern. Für eine korrekte Luft- und Wasserdichtheit empfiehlt sich die Verwendung von EASY BAND, SPEEDY BAND, FLEXI BAND, FLEXI BAND UV, SOLID BAND, PLASTER BAND, SMART BAND, FACADE BAND UV, FRONT BAND UV, FRONT BAND UV 210, DOUBLE BAND, SUPRA BAND, BUTYL BAND, OUTSIDE GLUE, FIRE SEALING, FIRE STRIPE während bei rauen Oberflächen der Einsatz von PRIMER in Betracht gezogen werden sollte, zusätzlich zu FLEXI BAND, PRIMER SPAY, PRIMER .

Indicazioni di posa per: TETTO

TRASPIR 135 is placed parallel to the eaves line, starting from the lower edge of the roof. The second layer must be overlapped by at least 10-20 centimetres to the previous one (depending on the slope of the roof), as indicated on the layout according to UNI 11470:2013. The sheet must be applied on a continuous support with a mechanical fastening device. (ex: HAMMER STAPLER, HAND STAPLER o PNEU STAPLER). Once at the top of the roof, it is advisable for the membrane to protrude beyond the ridge line by at least 30 centimetres to ensure a perfect overlap with the strips of sheet that will overlap on the other side of the roof. It is also recommended that the sheets overlap by at least 30 cm even at the end joints. To achieve correct air and water sealing, we recommend the use of EASY BAND, SPEEDY BAND, FLEXI BAND, FLEXI BAND UV, SOLID BAND, PLASTER BAND, SMART BAND, FACADE BAND UV, FRONT BAND UV, FRONT BAND UV 210, DOUBLE BAND, SUPRA BAND, BUTYL BAND, OUTSIDE GLUE, FIRE SEALING, FIRE STRIPE.If there is an integrated double adhesive strip, it can replace the correct air and water sealing.


TOP LAYER non-woven PP fabric
middle layer PP breathable film
BOTTOM LAYER non-woven PP fabric