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The HUS turned washer is the ideal coupling for countersunk head screws where increased axial strength of the connection is required. It is also excellent for connections on metal plates where holes are too wide.

The HUS EVO version combines the improved mechanical performance of the HUS with an upgrading of the washer's corrosion resistance, thanks to the special surface treatment. This allows it to be used in service class 3 and atmospheric corrosion class C4.


Technical data sheets
ICC-ES Evaluation report
ETA Certificate
Declaration of performance (DOP) Download
File CAD
File BIM.ifc
File BIM.rfa


CODE version pcs.
HUS6 for screw HBS Ø6 100
HUS8 for screw HBS Ø8 and VGS Ø9 50
HUS10 for screw HBS Ø10 and VGS Ø11 50
HUS12 for screw HBS Ø12 and VGS Ø13 25


CODE version pcs.
HUSEVO6 for screw HBS EVO Ø6 100
HUSEVO8 for screw HBS EVO Ø8 50

HUS 15°

CODE version pcs.
HUS815 for screw HBS Ø8 and VGS Ø9 50

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