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  4. EHB 16


EHB 16


Power and Versatility for Woodworking

The EHB 16 heavy-duty power drill / driver is your ultimate solution for demanding woodworking applications. This 2-speed tool delivers the power, durability, and features needed to tackle even the toughest wood construction projects. Its high-performance motor provides ample torque for driving large and lengthy screws, such as HBS, TBS, VGZ, and VGS.

Precision and Control

Equipped with an electronic switch, the EHB 16 ensures smooth start-ups, allowing for precise hole positioning. The ergonomic rear handle design offers stability and precision, particularly when drilling at various angles.

Built to Last in Heavy Use

Engineered with metal gears and thermal protection, the EHB 16 heavy-duty power drill is built to withstand high workloads in wood construction. Despite its lightweight design, this professional-grade tool delivers the power and maneuverability necessary for all-day work.


The EHB 16 Power Drill/Driver comes complete with a chuck key, making it ready for immediate use. It is securely packaged in a sturdy cardboard box to ensure safe transport and storage.

A high-quality heavy-duty power drill for wood construction should possess several key features to excel in the demanding field of woodworking.

First and foremost, it needs to deliver substantial power and torque to effectively handle various wood types and sizes, including those requiring large-diameter and lengthy screws.

Precision is paramount, with the inclusion of features like smooth start-ups, precise speed control, and ergonomic handles to ensure accurate drilling, especially when working at different angles or on delicate projects.

Durability is essential, and the tool should be equipped with metal gears and thermal protection to withstand the rigors of heavy, continuous use. Versatility is another crucial aspect, with adjustable speed settings to accommodate different tasks and wood densities. An efficient chuck system that allows for quick and easy bit changes enhances productivity.

Additionally, safety features such as overload protection should be integrated for user security. Lastly, a portable design and comfortable grip ensure that the tool is convenient to use in various woodworking scenarios, contributing to improved overall performance and user satisfaction.


Technical data sheets

EHB 16

CODE description version pcs.
EHB0122R000 Screwdriver 240V 1
EHB0122KUSA Screwdriver 120V (USA) 1