BUILD THE (IM)POSSIBLE: Join The International Contest and Win the Challenge!


ONLINE TRAINING (28th February at 3.30 pm GMT+1)

The link to join the webinar will be shared with the participants a few days before the event.

The course is mainly thought for designers from Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Uganda. In fact, practical examples from these areas will be used.

The webinar will be held in English.


The webinar, in one and half hour, will deal with the different fastening solutions and systems in timber constructions in a first part, then the topic of durability of timber structures will be treated with greater attention to waterproofing and airtight solutions in tropical climate zones.

The course is aimed especially at students, engineers and architects who wish to learn more about Timber Constructions.


  • Presentation of Rothoblaas

Glulam and CLT connectors

  • The importance of fasteners in a wooden construction
  • Standard connections for CLT panels with angle brackets: TITAN, WHT, ALUSTART
  • Typical connections for CLT panels with screws – HBS/TBS, VGZ/VGS, EVO RANGE as important for treated timber
  • Typical beam connections – with screws HBS/TBS, VGZ/VGS
  • Typical beam connections – with steel plates LOCK, ALU BRACKETS

Waterproofing, Airtightness and Vapour: Durability of timber buildings

  • Climatic zones filter on ROTHOBLAAS website
  • Importance of humidity control, waterproofing and air proofing
  • Construction details from bottom to top of the house
  • if time still available, do an exercise with Torrid climate in the website


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Eng. Jacob Nyanja Yabavomi