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Subsidiary Austria

Austria, our first leap across the border in 2007, and not by chance. We chose an already advanced and competitive market in timber construction because we knew that if we broke through there, we could do it anywhere. Today, with a team of more than 10 sales engineers, our products are a benchmark in the industry. We are constantly innovating, also collaborating with the University of Innsbruck. Whether by challenge or luck, being in Austria has made us realise that no mountain is too high for us.

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Innsbruck 2007
Consociata spagnola

Subsidiary Spain

Here we have stepped out of our comfort zone. If at first it seemed to us that Spain and Südtirol only had one initial in common, actually from that peninsula came a new beginning. Because of Spain, we became more international, we really discovered new worlds and cultures which did not know the potential of timber, and we formed the first team in the area. All the rest came because we all believed in it: the opening of the subsidiary, the Zaragoza warehouse and a growing portfolio of projects.


Jesse Mata
Zaragoza 2008
Consociata Latvia

Subsidiary Latvia

The first warehouse abroad? The one in Latvia, in Riga.

Land of carpenters, joiners and craftsmen. A strategic point for supplying Northern Europe and a borderland with the Scandinavian countries, among the biggest supporters of green building.

In less than 10 years, products, projects and people have more than doubled. At the same time, skills, the will to do and the network of professionals who believe in timber as much as we do have grown rapidly. Building skyscrapers that store CO2 instead of emitting it and enriching the culture of timber construction are two actions that can really make a difference. And the Baltics already know this.

Riga 2012
Consociata Russia

Subsidiary Russia

How do you form a team?

It is a little like building a timber building: it takes the right products, technique and experience. In Russia our team is united and focused on achieving goals; we have the right people, with up-to-date technical skills and the desire to always go further.

Time and trust did the rest: here we were able to spread awareness of our philosophy, meeting with industry technicians, explaining our products and bringing new technical solutions.

An eye for the local culture, great perseverance and faith in the new generation of entrepreneurs make us cross the Urals and the steppe!

Saint-Petersburg 2013
Consociata Romania

Subsidiary Romania

How did we get to Romania?

With screws for wood at carpenters' yards, with HBSs at trade fairs, with Pálinka for completed projects. This is how our story in Romania started, celebrating the beginning of a relationship with a country experiencing great technological, economic and urban growth.

The fact that the look of Romanian cities is becoming more and more sustainable is also thanks to all the people who work with us and who, like us, believe in it more every day!

Ploiești 2019
Consociata Turchia

Subsidiary Turkey

The market opening in Turkey coincided with a roaring cycling adventure. The first meeting between the Italian management and the Turkish sales force was in the Dolomites, cycling downhill!

How did we get to the valley? With an acrobatic fall and a return trip of one of our beloved Sales Engineers with a cast on his arm. Were we discouraged? Not at all!

Turkey is a market with great potential in private, public and tourism construction. Grit and tenacity have led the team to great achievements in less than five years since the opening of the warehouse.

Falling down serves to get back up stronger, we agree, don't we?

Istanbul 2017
Consociata Portogallo

Subsidiary Portugal

Everything started with an interview at the Francisco Sá Carneiro airport and a conversation in a mixed language (half Portuguese/Spanish/French/English/Italian, still called "Ricardian"), where we realised that apparent difficulties are only small challenges and serve to illuminate our daily lives without ever being a problem.

Currently we have an office, a team and thousands of completed works, several of which have won awards in architecture competitions.

Also here, for many years, we have been supporting the growth of timber construction to become a global trend.

Lisboa 2019
Consociata UK

Subsidiary United Kingdom

Online meetings and bureaucracy did not stop us: opening a branch in 2020 was a difficult challenge.

We had existing business relations with the UK, but we also wanted to be there with a space of our own to support a market, the UK market, which has been giving us great satisfaction both in terms of new constructions to which we supply our products, and in terms of fruitful partnerships with universities and professional associations.

Together with the team, we are helping to bring our know-how and products to important educational events and projects such as the Northstowe Campus in Cambridgeshire, an impressive timber university facility.

This is our cup of tea!

Consociata UK
Consociata UK
Manchester 2020
Consociata Francia

Subsidiary France

In our industry, trade fairs and direct contact with customers, and products in hand, are essential.

To make our brand known in France, we started with trade fairs in Paris and Lyon.

The team, at the stands, was always on hand to explain all the product details, including the hours of research that went into designing the smallest of screws.

Interest was growing and so, in the years to come, we increased our team members in the country so as to provide the best possible coverage of needs and areas.

The work of the French-Italian team allowed us to achieve great success and supply famous construction sites such as the Arena Forum Bois.

Colmar 2011
Consociata Germania

Subsidiary Germany

How to win the confidence of the mother of carpentry?

Through respect, patience and a considerable amount of expertise.

Withstanding all the competition and being confronted with the experience of established professionals was a big challenge, but we did it. Since 2010, we too have worked to find a place among the excellent. We have travelled, built relationships and then applied our expertise to large-scale projects.

In 2016 we opened our German subsidiary. The customers have shown great interest in us and acknowledge us for our ability to innovate, which is, of course, a source of pride for us.

The team today consists of more than 30 people and that, counts for more than anything.

Consociata Germania
Rosenheim 2016
Consociata Ungheria

Subsidiary Hungary

A new situation is emerging in Hungary: green, innovative and, of course, made of timber. However, in Hungary, with 12.5 % of new constructions made of solid timber and increasing real estate expansion, the cities are becoming ever more sustainable, and where there is sustainability, where there is timber, there is Rothoblaas.

This is how we decided to open our branch in Budapest in 2021: the team is supporting a growing number of carpenters and companies that build modular houses and provides advise to Hungarian builders and designers who rely on us.

Constantly on the move, through our international spirit!

Consociata Ungheria
Budapest 2021
Consociata Belgio

Subsidiary Belgium

The Belgian branch is one of the last we have opened, in 2022, but our presence in the country is much more historical.

In 2013, we started building the first business relationships with customers in the area: starting in Wallonia, we followed the growth of the solid wood and timber frame construction market in this multilingual country step by step.

Belgium requires a great commitment: three official languages and a very demanding market. But the rewards are great, the number of customers is growing year by year and timber construction is now the first choice for public facilities and 10% of new private buildings.

“Per aspera ad astra” (through the roughness you reach the stars).

Consociata Belgio
Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe 2021
Consociata Svedese

Subsidiary Sweden

Mamma mia, here I go again!

My, my, how can I resist you?

10 years of courtship. Not just words but deeds.

Sweden is a country with a long tradition of using timber for building constructions and with a great focus on environmental sustainability. Establishing our first Swedish branch has been a team effort: professionals, university professors and sales managers have been with us during this long courtship and will work with Rothoblaas for years to come.

It is there that we want to expand our presence, diversify our customer base and increase industry awareness in the field of occupational safety.

Sweden, I could never let you go!

Consociata Svedese
Lund 2024