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CATCH is a tightening tool developed for quick, safe and effortless tightening of long wood screws with a simple screwdriver. The head of the screw is firmly attached to CATCH so that the bit will not slip out of the screw head when using the screwdriver.


CATCH allows you to drive wood screws safely and easy.

CATCH is a practical and safe tightening tool that allows you to drive wood screws quickly and easily using a screwdriver, making it easy to drive screws even in awkward locations or situations. The CATCH is available in two versions to cover the most common Rothoblaas screw types and sizes.

The basic version of CATCH is compatible with Rothoblaas Ø8 mm HBS & HBS HARDWOOD partially threaded screws, Ø9 mm VGS & VGZ & VGZ HARDWOOD, Ø9 mm DGZ double threaded screws. The bigger version CATCH L is compatible with Rothoblaas Ø10-12 mm HBS and Ø11-13 mm VGS screws. It is perfect for any standard cordless screwdriver with an SW 11 hexagonal socket.


CATCH (TX4050) HBS Ø8mm, VGS Ø9mm, VGZ Ø9mm
CATCH L (TX5050 + TX4050L) HBS Ø10-12mm, VGS Ø11-13mm


Technical data sheets
Manual for installation and use CATCH
Manual for installation and use CATCH L


CATCH 210 41.5 1
CATCHL 207 46 1

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