For the timber building professional looking to create valuable connections in the industry, this seminar will provide attendees updates on the latest trends and technology in mass timber.

The 2020 edition will host international renowned speakers from eminent Universities and Research Centers. Important topics, among others, are timber connectors, seismic, durability, fire resistance, and acoustics. There is the opportunity to enrich the experience with a visit to the prestigious 26th International Wood Construction Conference.

Countless opportunities for networking with other participants and experts, featuring a unique Gala Dinner at Rotari Winery not to be missed.

*Two types of tickets are available:

• Standard ticket : 5th Mass Timber Seminar at Rothoblaas Headquarter

• Full premium ticket : Seminar + admission fee for the 26th International Wood Construction Conference at Innsbruck ( December 2-4 )

Aware of the uncertainty regarding the Covid-19 situation, Rothoblaas is taking all the necessary steps and precautions to guarantee the safety of all attendees. All tickets are refundable up to 2 weeks prior the event, no questions asked.

Nel caso in cui COVID-19 influisca direttamente o indirettamente sull’evento e/o su altri incontri legati al corso, Rotho Blaas SRL informerà tempestivamente tutti i partecipanti di eventuali cambiamenti nel contesto del programma (cancellazioni, modifiche, ritardi). In tal caso, i partecipanti saranno responsabili delle eventuali spese sostenute e non avranno diritto ad alcun risarcimento da parte di Rotho Blaas SRL.

In the event that COVID-19 directly or indirectly affects the event and/or other meetings related to the seminar, Rotho Blaas SRL will promptly inform all participants of any changes in the schedule of the context (cancellations, modifications, delays). In such a case, the participants will be responsible for eventual own incurred costs, and will not be entitled to compensation from Rotho Blaas SRL.


Robert Blaas - Peter Lang - Eng. Luca Sestigiani - Prof. Ario Ceccotti - Eng. Andrea Polastri - Prof. Andrea Frangi - Arch. Andreas Krawczyk - Prof. Leander Bathon - Eng. Otto Lundman - Eng. Ernesto Callegari - Eng. Michele Dal Ri - Prof. Roberto Crocetti - Eng. Daniele Casagrande - Eng. Konrad Merz - Eng. Alice Speranza - Eng. Dominik Reif - Eng. Lorenzo Vendrame - Eng. Andres Reyes - Eng. Paola Brugnara - Prof. Philipp Dietsch - Dr. Roland Maderebner


Prof. Jan-Willem G. Van de Kuilen


Hotel Teutschhaus
19:00 21:00

Welcome dinner

Headquarter of Rothoblaas
08:00 08:30

Transfer Hotel - Rothoblaas

08:30 09:00

Opening remarks and welcome to participants

09:00 09:45

The evolution of timber constructions over the past 25 years

09:45 10:30

Connection systems for CLT structures

10:30 11:00

Coffee break

11:00 11:45

Tall timber buildings: the Swiss contribution and experience

11:45 12:30

Modular buildings and architecture

12:30 13:30


13:30 15:00

Tour of the company

15:00 15:45

Ductile adhesive connections for mass timber applications

15:45 16:15

Coffee break

16:15 17:00

Modular wind power towers

17:00 18:00

New solutions for timber constructions

18:00 18:30

Transfer Rothoblaas - Hotel

Rotari Winery Mezzocorona
19:00 23:00

Winery visit and dinner

Headquarter of Rothoblaas
08:15 08:30

Transfer Hotel - Rothoblaas

08:30 09:00

Rothoblaas history

09:00 09:45

Large span timber-based structures

09:45 10:30

Design of mass timber structures subjected to lateral loads

10:30 11:00

Coffee break

11:00 11:45

High-bay warehouse

11:45 12:15

Build the (im)possible - contest kick-of

12:15 13:00

Flanksound project: acoustics interaction in CLT buildings

13:00 14:00


14:00 14:45

Soundproofing: practice and tests on costruction site

14:45 15:30

Corrosion and fixation systems

15:30 16:00

Coffee break

16:00 18:00

Transfer to Innsbruck OR Closing speech of the Seminar at Rothoblaas

• Once in Innsbruck (h 17.15 - h 18.35 ): Experimental test with Sharp metal, University of Innsbruck . • At Rothoblaas Headquarter (h 16:00 - h 17:00): Air tightness of buildings, sealing and durability.
18:45 20:15

Transfer to Innsbruck center OR back to Cortaccia