BUILD THE (IM)POSSIBLE: Join The International Contest and Win the Challenge!
Author: Rothoblaas

Setting the First Post

The Rothoblaas blog gets started today 

Just like a building, also a blog is built over time. And we know very well that building is a long process, endless to tell the truth, made up of continuous additions, repairs, improvements, remakes. But there is always a day 0, a moment when we start building where there was nothing before. Here, today is that day for the Rothoblaas blog. 

Experience and knowledge 

All knowledge progresses to the extent that we share it. If we discover something and tell about it, others will be able to learn from it, discover something in turn, share it, and so on. That is why we thought we would start to collect in a blog some bits and pieces of our experience, mainly from construction and design, but also from other fields in our industry. By doing so, we hope to make an additional contribution to the development of timber construction and good, sustainable, safe and human-friendly construction in general. 

Construction sites and in-depth information 

As a starting point, we have collected 30 of the most interesting construction sites of recent years, which we have already talked about on social media. Next to these we will progressively publish in-depth articles on the most varied topics in our sector. In particular, we will talk about: 

Technological innovation. The blog will be a privileged channel for disseminating the new achievements of our research and development department. 

Sustainability strategies. We like timber not only because it is beautiful, but also because it is sustainable. We will use the blog as a place to explore new solutions and formulate new strategies. 

Safety in the construction sector. There are many big and small things that make a difference in this field, and these too are constantly evolving. This blog will be the venue to share them and make them available to all. 

Construction techniques. Innovations continue to chase each other on the market, but it is important to stop for a moment every now and then and compare them, in order to make well-informed choices. 

Market trends. To envisage the future of construction and prepare to live it to the full.   

We aim to offer a tool that is easy to consult and with more in-depth possibilities than social channels. Industry professionals, students and everyone involved in good building will find valuable information, inspiration and support. That is why we invite you to follow us on our journey to discover and innovate in the world of construction. As soon as a new publication is online, we will announce it on our social channels and maybe occasionally with an email

Blog articles can be filtered by category (construction site or in-depth article), country, products used and type of solution, allowing everyone to easily find what they are looking for. Moreover, they are available in the five languages we use most: Italian, English, German, Spanish and French

Good construction starts with good reading!

Technical Details

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