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The AOS01 anchor point is a practical and universal device usable with all Rothoblaas supports.

The swivelling eyelet guarantees total freedom of movement for the operator, ensuring a low visual impact once it has been installed on the roof.

The use of an anchor point or of an anchor line is fundamental for the safety of work at height. Your PPE would choose AOS01.

AOS01 is the ideal solution for completing the supports of the Rothoblaas range. It can be installed on TOWER, TRAPO, SHIELD, SHIELD 2.0, SEAMO, COPPO, BLOCK and SIANK FOUR supports.

These supports for anchor points are suitable for installation timber, concrete and sheet-metal structures, as also on green roofs and non-drillable flat roofs.

Made completely of stainless steel, AOS01 resists against corrosion and weather, remaining effective over time.

The supply is complete with grease, bolts and washers for installation.


To prevent the risk of falling while carrying out work at height, anchoring devices are used, which are applied to both new buildings of any type of use, and existing buildings, when refurbishing the roof.

These devices must meet the requirements of the EN 795 standard " Personal fall protection equipment – Anchoring devices", the EN standards contained therein and subsequent updates.

There are different types of anchoring devices:

  • TYPE A - Anchoring device with one or more anchor points with a need for structural fastening;

  • TYPE B - Anchoring device with one or more anchor points without a need for structural fastening;

  • TYPE C - Anchoring device employing a flexible line that deviates from the horizontal by not more than 15°;

  • TYPE D - Anchoring device employing a rigid line that deviates from the horizontal by not more than 15°;

  • TYPE E - Anchoring device for use on surfaces diverting from the horizontal by up to 5° where performance is based solely on the mass and friction between the device itself and the surface.


Declaration of conformity
Safety regulations, instructions for installation and use
File BIM.ifc
File BIM.rfa
Declaration of Installation and inspection
EAC certificate (anchor points)

Installation manual

Manual for installation and use


CODE material d₁
AOS01 AISI 304 stainless steel grade 1.4301 17 60 98 1

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