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EPO-FIX is the chemical anchor that provides maximum tensile strength for the most demanding applications in cracked and non-cracked concrete. Designed to offer the most reliable solution for extra-heavy anchors and reinforcement rods, EPO-FIX is characterised by its excellent adhesion and strength, even under extreme conditions, and its wide range of fixable diameters.


EPO-FIX is a CE Option 1 certified product for cracked and non-cracked concrete. Compliant with seismic performance category C2 for sizes M12 to M24 (the only one with such a wide range), it is also the only one in the Rothoblaas range to be certified for reinforcement rods according to ETA-23/0420 and boasts a certified F120 fire resistance.

Performance: EPO-FIX's advanced formula offers excellent long-term viscous behaviour, ensuring maximum tensile strength and reliability.
Versatile applications: EPO-FIX is suitable for installation on dry or wet concrete and can also be used in submerged holes. Its formula allows for overhead application and the use of a hollow drill bit for installation.
Sustainability: this anchor complies with LEED® v4 and v4.1 BETA requirements and ensures minimal environmental impact thanks to its Class A+ rating for volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in living environments.


EPO-FIX is a Rothoblaas high-performance epoxy chemical anchor, ideal for fastening in materials such as concrete, both cracked and non-cracked. Its formula is designed to ensure an extraordinarily reliable and long-lasting hold.

It is recommended for fastening reinforcing and threaded rods, bolts and other structural elements to concrete, both new and old, and other types of building substrates. It is particularly useful in renovation works, structural reinforcement and industrial installations.
EPO-FIX offers maximum adhesion and resistance to high loads, even in damp or adverse weather conditions. Compared to other anchors, EPO-FIX ensures greater durability and reliability under stress, thanks to its advanced formula.

The EPO-FIX chemical anchor is designed for simple and effective application. It is typically applied using a double cartridge gun such as MAMMOTH DOUBLE, which facilitates direct application and minimises material waste.
It is highly resistant to atmospheric agents and many chemicals, making it ideal for use in outdoor environments and in demanding situations, such as facilities exposed to industrial chemicals.

EPO-FIX complies with European and international standards for chemical anchors, guaranteeing maximum safety and performance according to the strictest quality standards.
Rothoblaas offers comprehensive technical support for the EPO-FIX chemical anchor, including advice on selecting the most suitable product and detailed application instructions. Do not hesitate to contact your agent if you have any questions or technical needs.

Contact your local agent to include it in your order.


Technical data sheets
ETA Certificate Option 1
ETA Certificate Rebar
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EPO585 - 12

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