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WKR tensile angle brackets for buildings are ideal for tensile joints on timber frame or CLT walls. They represent an economical yet efficient solution in all applications that require normal values of tensile strength.

They are characterised by a reinforced base and a consistent thickness to provide high tensile strength and for out-of-plane forces in the wall. They are fastened to concrete using chemical, mechanical or screw anchors. Certification for installation on timber allows fastening to the base in the traditional way with threaded through-rod or with VGS full thread connectors or HBS PLATE screws. The use of screws is particularly suitable when changing wall thickness from one floor to another.

WKR, the tensile angle brackets for timber houses that ensure versatility and reliability.

The many certified nailing patterns and five angle bracket models mean that an optimized solution is always available for timber frame or CLT walls installed on bedding mortar, root beam or concrete curb with thickness up to 370 mm.

The angle bracket is certified for traditional installation with feet resting on the ground or with raised feet (presence of a gap) to solve even the most special requirements. On prefabricated timber frame walls, it is possible to pre-install the anchor in the concrete and the angle bracket on the wall. With a MUT 6334 connecting nut and threaded rod, it is possible to complete the connection and handle all installation tolerances.


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WKR9530 95 25
WKR13535 135 25
WKR21535 215 25
WKR28535 287 25
WKR53035 530 10

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