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VGU is the washer that makes it possible to install VGS wood screws at a 45° angle on steel plates.

The ergonomic shape ensures a firm, precise grip during installation.

Available in 3 versions compatible with VGS Ø9, Ø11 and Ø13 mm, for plates of variable thickness.

VGU, the 45° washer for the correct installation of VGS wood screws.

The VGU washer is CE marked according to ETA 11/0030.

Using VGU washers with VGS wood screws at a 45° angle on steel plates restores resistance to sliding.

Also available is the JIG VGU template, which makes it easy to prepare a 45° angle pre-drill, facilitating subsequent tightening of the VGS wood screws inside the washer. The recommended pre-drill length is at least 20 mm.

The VGU washer is made of carbon steel with bright zinc plated, it is ideal for use with wood-based panels, solid timber, glulam, CLT, LVL and high-density woods. Service classes 1 and 2.


Technical data sheets
Technical data sheets USA
Technical data sheets CANADA
ICC-ES Evaluation report
ETA Certificate
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CODE version pcs.
VGU945 for screw VGS Ø9 25
VGU1145 for screw VGS Ø11 25
VGU1345 for screw VGS Ø13 25

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