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SHARP METAL steel hooked plates have a multitude of small hooks spread all over the surface. The joint between the two timber elements is made by the mechanical engagement of the metal hooks in the timber. The system is non-invasive can be uninstalled.

SHARP METAL, hooked plates for timber-to-timber connections.

The large number of hooks distributed over the entire surface of the metal plates generates a biting grip in the timber with exceptional strength and stiffness values. Hooked plates allow the transfer of shear stresses between two timber surfaces, achieving performances comparable to those of gluing.

This eliminates concentrated forces, reduces the problem of minimum distances and optimises the thickness of the steel (0.75 mm) that can be screwed without pre-drilling with HBS and TBS screws for tightening the joint. Thanks to the hook technology, the SHARP METAL system is ideal for the production of ribbed floors (Rippendecke, ribbed floor) without the use of glues, adhesives and presses and eliminating the waiting time for the glue to set and harden.

Made of carbon steel with an electrolytic coating, SHARP METAL hooked plates are ideal for shear joints between timber surfaces, solid and laminated timber, CLT, LVL and timber-based panels.


Technical data sheets
File CAD
File BIM.ifc
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SHARP METAL - plates

version pcs.
SHARP501200 50 1200 0.75 Low Density 10


Supply and installation of steel hooked plate for timber structures, Type SHARP METAL.

Field of use:

  • Timber-to-timber joint


  • Carbon steel with electrolytic coating

Angle bracket: :

  • H (mm) = :
  • Bottom plate (mm) = :
  • Thickness s (mm) = :

Indications for installation and mechanical performance as reported in the product data sheets and provided by the technical drawings of the project.

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