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X-ONE is the basic component of the X-RAD system.
An extremely simple connector: 6 full threaded screws with large diameter and length, to be inserted into the CLT panel at different angles and inclinations.

The screws thus inserted reinforce the CLT panel and transfer the stresses to the metal box and the connection holes, thanks to the threaded part inserted in the micro-laminate hardwood.

X-ONE, the heart of the X-RAD system: a universal, powerful, innovative connector.

X-ONE is a universal element in many aspects: with a single standard connector it is possible to create all the nodes of the building, effectively transfer shear and tensile stresses, lift, move, position and fix CLT panels of different thickness. It is an extraordinarily strong connector: the six full threaded screws with large diameter and length, radial distribution and symmetrical inclination, make it possible to transfer extremely high stresses in all directions.

The inter-storey and top nodes are made quickly and easily with predefined bolted joints.
Coupling with the X-SEAL element guarantees the highest air, water and wind resistance, as well as good acoustic performance.


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