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LBS is the wood screw with cylindrical underhead designed for fastening metal elements, such as perforated and angular plates.

Achieves an interlocking effect with the hole in the plate, thus guaranteeing excellent static performance.

LBS, the wood screw designed for fastening your metal plates

The LBS wood screw for timber-to-metal joints ensures excellent shear strength values.

Can be calculated according to Eurocode 5 under thick plate timber-to-steel connections, even with thin metal elements.

Values are also tested, certified and calculated for fastening standard Rothoblaas plates.

The 7 mm diameter version is ideal for joining the ALUMAXI aluminium concealed beam hanger.

The bending angle is 20° greater than standard, certified according to ETA 11/0030.

SEISMIC-REV cyclical tests were preformed according to EN 12512.

In carbon steel with bright zinc plated, they are ideal for use with wood-based panels, solid timber, glulam, CLT, LVL and high-density woods.

Service classes 1 and 2.


FOCUS screw for perforated plates
HEAD round with cylindrical underhead
DIAMETER 5,0 | 7,0 mm
LENGTH from 25 mm to 100 mm


Technical data sheets
Technical data sheets USA
ICC-ES Evaluation report
ETA Certificate
Declaration of performance (DOP) Download
Item specification
File CAD
File BIM.ifc
File BIM.rfa


TX pcs.
LBS525 5 25 TX20 500
LBS540 5 40 TX20 500
LBS550 5 50 TX20 200
LBS560 5 60 TX20 200
LBS570 5 70 TX20 200
LBS760 7 60 TX30 100
LBS780 7 80 TX30 100
LBS7100 7 100 TX30 100

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