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  5. TBS EVO



The TBS EVO wood screw is the structural screw for use outdoors in service class 3 and in class C4 atmospheric corrosion conditions.

The flange head serves as washer and ensures high tensile strength.

Structural screws for outdoors: discover TBS EVO, the flange-head wood screw.

TBS EVO is approved for structural applications subject to stresses in any direction vs. the grain (α = 0° - 90°).

Its flange head makes it ideal in the presence of wind or variations in timber dimensions. The asymmetric “umbrella” threading ensures better wood pull-through.

Excellent for the construction of outdoor structures such as walkways and arcades and for fastening SIP and sandwich panels. In combination with the WBAZ gasket washer, it is suitable also for fastening on sheet metal up to 0.7 mm thick, with no need for pre-drilling.

TBS EVO wood screws are usable with wood-based panels, solid timber and glulam, CLT and LVL, high-density woods, aggressive woods containing tannin and chemically treated woods.

Made of carbon steel and thanks to the 20 μm multilayer coating with surface treatment of epoxy resin and aluminium flakes, it is perfect in applications with woods containing tannin or treated with impregnating agents or other chemical processes.

Tests have shown no rust after 1440 hours of salt spray exposure, according to ISO 9227.

Can be used in service class 3 outdoor applications and under class C4 atmospheric corrosion conditions.

Values are also certified for inserting the screw parallel to the grain.


FOCUS corrosiveness class C4
HEAD flange
DIAMETER 6,0 and 8,0 mm
LENGTH from 60 mm to 240 mm


Technical data sheets
Technical data sheets USA
Technical data sheets JAPAN
ICC-ES Evaluation report
ETA Certificate
Declaration of performance (DOP) Download
File CAD


TX pcs.
TBSEVO660 6 60 TX30 100
TBSEVO680 6 80 TX30 100
TBSEVO6100 6 100 TX30 100
TBSEVO6120 6 120 TX30 100
TBSEVO6140 6 140 TX30 100
TBSEVO6160 6 160 TX30 100
TBSEVO6180 6 180 TX30 100
TBSEVO6200 6 200 TX30 100
TBSEVO8100 8 100 TX40 50
TBSEVO8120 8 120 TX40 50
TBSEVO8140 8 140 TX40 50
TBSEVO8160 8 160 TX40 50
TBSEVO8180 8 180 TX40 50
TBSEVO8200 8 200 TX40 50
TBSEVO8220 8 220 TX40 50
TBSEVO8240 8 240 TX40 50
TBSEVO8280 8 280 TX40 50
TBSEVO8320 8 320 TX40 50
TBSEVO8360 8 360 TX40 50
TBSEVO8400 8 400 TX40 50
TBS EVO_2D_v1_web

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