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CTC is the connector for timber-concrete composite floors. It is an approved self-drilling, reversible, fast and minimally invasive system.

Excellent static and acoustic performance both in newly-built floors and in the restoration of existing floors.

CTC, the connector for the construction and restoration of timber-concrete composite floors.

CTC is the timber-to-concrete fastener with specific CE certification according to ETA 19/0244.

Tested and calculated with parallel and crossed arrangement of 45° and 30° connectors, with and without wooden planking.

The self-perforating tip features a notch and countersunk cylindrical head.

During installation, the under head counter-thread serves as “correct installation” indicator and increases the fastener tightness inside the concrete.

Available in two diameters (7 and 9 mm) and two lengths (160 and 240 mm) to optimize the number of fasteners.

Stiffness values also calculated in the presence of vapour barrier sheet or soundproofing layer.

CTC is also tested, certified and calculated on high-density woods.

Certification specific for application in timber-concrete structures. In carbon steel with bright zinc plated, the CTC connector for timber-concrete composite floors is approved for wood-based panels, solid timber, glulam, CLT, LVL and high-density woods. Service classes 1 and 2.


FOCUS CE marking, timber-concrete
HEAD cylindrical, countersunk
DIAMETER 7,0 | 9,0 mm
LENGTH 160 | 240 mm


Technical data sheets
ICC-ES Evaluation report USA
ICC-ES Listing report CANADA
ETA Certificate
Declaration of performance (DOP) Download
File CAD
File BIM.ifc
File BIM.rfa


CODE info d₁
TX pcs.
CTC7160 - 7 160 TX30 100
CTC7240 - 7 240 TX30 100
CTC9160 - 9 160 TX40 100
CTC9240 - 9 240 TX40 100

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