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The DGZ wood screw with double thread allows continuous, uninterrupted fastening of the roof insulation package, preventing thermal bridges in accordance with energy saving regulations.

DGZ, the wood screw that helps prevent thermal bridges and facilitates energy efficiency.

DGZ is the connector for hard, soft and façade insulation, CE certified according to ETA 11/0030. Available in two diameters (7 and 9 mm), it makes it possible to optimize the number of fasteners.

The cylindrical head is ideal for hidden insertion in the batten. DGZ is also certified in versions with flange head (DGT) and countersunk head (DGS).

The double thread makes it possible for the DGZ wood screw to fix the roof insulation package to the supporting structure without any interruptions, preventing thermal bridges and facilitating energy efficiency.

Certification specific for fastening on both hard and soft insulation. DGZ is also tested, certified and calculated on façade joists and with high density woods such as Microllam® LVL.

For design calculation, the MyProject software is available free of charge. It can be downloaded from our website and produces a personalised calculation report in just a few steps.

DGZ is made of carbon steel with bright zinc plated, and is ideal for use on wood-based panels, solid timber, glulam, CLT, LVL and high-density woods. Service classes 1 and 2.


FOCUS insulation package fasteners
HEAD cylindrical, countersunk
DIAMETER 7,0 | 9,0 mm
LENGTH from 220 mm to 520 mm


Technical data sheets
Minimum Distances Guide
Technical data sheets USA
ICC-ES Evaluation report
ETA Certificate
Declaration of performance (DOP) Download
Item specification
File CAD
File BIM.ifc
File BIM.rfa


TX pcs.
DGZ7220 7 220 TX30 50
DGZ7260 7 260 TX30 50
DGZ7300 7 300 TX30 50
DGZ7340 7 340 TX30 50
DGZ7380 7 380 TX30 50
DGZ9240 9 240 TX40 50
DGZ9280 9 280 TX40 50
DGZ9320 9 320 TX40 50
DGZ9360 9 360 TX40 50
DGZ9400 9 400 TX40 50
DGZ9440 9 440 TX40 50
DGZ9480 9 480 TX40 50
DGZ9520 9 520 TX40 50

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