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SBD is the self-drilling system for hidden timber-steel and timber-aluminium joints.

The concealed cylindrical head ensures optimal appearance and fire protection.

Certified, tested and calculated also for fastening standard Rothoblaas plates such as the TYP X or F70 pillar-holders.


Discover the effectiveness of SBD, the self-drilling dowel for concealed timber-metal joints.

The SBD dowel is ideal for joining head beams and making continuous beams, restoring shear forces and momentum.

The special self-perforating timber-metal tip geometry reduces the possibility of breakage in the screwing stage.

The diameter of 7,5 mm ensures a shear resistance of over 15 % and enables optimisation of the number of fasteners.

The thread up against the tip facilitates screwing; the increased length of the under-head thread makes for fast, accurate joint closure.

The small dowel diameter guarantees joints that offer high stiffness. It can be used with screw guns running at 600-1500 rpm.

In carbon steel with bright zinc plated, it can be used on steel and aluminium. Service classes 1 and 2.


Technical data sheets
SBD Technical data sheets 2022
Declaration of performance (DOP) Download
File CAD
File BIM.ifc
File BIM.rfa


TX pcs.
SBD7555 7.5 55 TX40 50
SBD7575 7.5 75 TX40 50
SBD7595 7.5 95 TX40 50
SBD75115 7.5 115 TX40 50
SBD75135 7.5 135 TX40 50
SBD75155 7.5 155 TX40 50
SBD75175 7.5 175 TX40 50
SBD75195 7.5 195 TX40 50
SBD75215 7.5 215 TX40 50
SBD75235 7.5 235 TX40 50

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