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SBD is the self-drilling system for hidden timber-steel and timber-aluminium joints.

The concealed cylindrical head ensures optimal appearance and fire protection.

Certified, tested and calculated also for fastening standard Rothoblaas plates such as the TYP X or F70 pillar-holders.


Discover the effectiveness of SBD, the self-drilling dowel for concealed timber-metal joints.

The SBD dowel is ideal for joining head beams and making continuous beams, restoring shear forces and momentum.

The special self-perforating timber-metal tip geometry reduces the possibility of breakage in the screwing stage.

The diameter of 7,5 mm ensures a shear resistance of over 15 % and enables optimisation of the number of fasteners.

The thread up against the tip facilitates screwing; the increased length of the under-head thread makes for fast, accurate joint closure.

The small dowel diameter guarantees joints that offer high stiffness. It can be used with screw guns running at 600-1500 rpm.

In carbon steel with bright zinc plated, it can be used on steel and aluminium. Service classes 1 and 2.


Technical data sheets
SBD Technical data sheets 2022
Technical data sheets CANADA
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SBD L ≥ 95 mm

CODE info d₁
TX pcs.
SBD7595 - 7.5 95 TX40 50
SBD75115 - 7.5 115 TX40 50
SBD75135 - 7.5 135 TX40 50
SBD75155 - 7.5 155 TX40 50
SBD75175 - 7.5 175 TX40 50
SBD75195 - 7.5 195 TX40 50
SBD75215 - 7.5 215 TX40 50
SBD75235 - 7.5 235 TX40 50

SBD L ≤ 75 mm

CODE info d₁
TX pcs.
SBD7555 - 7.5 55 TX40 50
SBD7575 - 7.5 75 TX40 50

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