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Working at height requires a reliable anchoring method, but traditional solutions can often be aesthetically unattractive or restrict the use of the work area. The H-RAIL rail system is a flexible and safe solution with minimal visual impact. Thanks to its structure, H-RAIL requires few fastening points and allows the creation of rigid anchor lines in different configurations. H-RAIL is the ideal option for working at height, in both retention and suspension mode.

Working at height with H-RAIL OVERHEAD

The H-RAIL system has been specially designed to be used with a sliding unit, equipped with four wheels, making it ideal for work at height, both in fall arrest and suspended mode.

The versatility of H-RAIL allows it to be assembled on different types of structures, be they timber, concrete or steel, adapting perfectly to all installation requirements. Unlike the other available models, H-RAIL OVERHEAD is installed below the supporting structure, while H-RAIL ON WALL is installed on the wall and H-RAIL ON FLOOR on the roof.

With a spacing of up to 6 metres between supports, the H-RAIL assembly process requires only a few fastening points, simplifying installation.

What is meant by work at height

Work at height is defined as any type of work activity with a risk of falling from a height of more than 2 metres, which involves the need to ensure the safety of operators against falling at every step. Bulky solutions such as hanging baskets (BMUs) are often used to carry out work such as façade maintenance, especially on large buildings. However, these require large spaces and installation requirements, which must be taken into account right from the design phase of the building. H-RAIL offers an alternative solution with superior performance due to its simplicity and lightness.

H-RAIL OVERHEAD by Rothoblaas represents the ultimate in safety for work at height and maintenance of roofs and façades. Designed with the primary objective of ensuring maximum protection for operators, this innovative anchoring system provides a reliable and robust solution for any type of structure. Its installation is extremely simple and does not require complex masonry work, guaranteeing exceptional installation efficiency. The ergonomic and compact design blends harmoniously with the surrounding architecture, preserving the aesthetics of the location.

Made from the highest quality and most durable materials, H-RAIL provides long-lasting protection, offering peace of mind and safety to both operators and users of the facilities involved. Its versatility and reliability make it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from industrial maintenance to work on residential buildings, helping to raise safety standards and protecting the lives of those working at height.


Technical data sheets
Declaration of conformity
Safety regulations, instructions for installation and use
Declaration of Installation and inspection

Installation manual

Installation manual


CODE description pcs.
RAIL3000 3m aluminium rail 1
RAILC90 90° aluminium bend for rail 1
RAILC120 120° aluminium bend for rail 1
RAILC135 135° aluminium bend for rail 1
RAILC150 150° aluminium bend for rail 1


CODE description pcs.
RAILBRAT support element for rail 1
RAILBRAT12 M12 plate for RAILBRAT 1
RAILBRAT16 M16 plate for RAILBRAT 1
RAILBRATW for fixing on wood 1
RAILBRAS for direct fixing on steel 1


CODE description pcs.
RAILEND rail end-stop without exit 1
RAILENDOPEN rail end-stop with exit 1


CODE description pcs.
RAILJUN junction for rails and bends 1


CODE description pcs.
RAILSLIDE sliding device 1
RAILSLIDEOH slide for overhead application 1


CODE description pcs.
RAILJUNTOOL template for rail junction holes 1
RAILPLATE Rail system ID plate 1


CODE description pcs.
RAILOCKSCREW Lock screw 250
RAILSCREW DIN 7991 A2-70 50