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ALADIN STRIPE is the resilient profile for sound insulation of timber structures and houses.

Thanks to the innovative compound in extruded and expanded EPDM to optimise acoustic abatement based on typical timber structure loads, it ensures absorption up to 4 dB in accordance with the standard EN 10848.

Soundproofing of the structure is fundamental for good acoustic comfort. Discover ALADIN STRIPE, an excellent compromise between cost and performance.

Despite a thickness of use between only 3 and 5 mm, the profile for sound insulation ALADIN STRIPE offers an effective reduction of noise from footsteps, verified and approved in accordance with the standard EN ISO 10848 both by the certification body Holzforschung Austria, and by the Industrial Research Centre of the University of Bologna.

It is precut to obtain four different widths with only two versions, and the rapid dry installation uses mechanical fastening.

Available in two variants: ALADIN STRIPE SOFT in compact extruded EPDM and ALADIN STRIPE EXTRA SOFT in expanded EPDM.

Thanks to the EPDM mix, the product can compensate for the expansion of wood or of materials in general.

The profile for soundproofing offers high chemical stability and does not contain VOCs.

ALADIN STRIPE is the only resilient profile in EPDM on the market that has been tested as sound insulation.


When we talk about noise in the building industry, there are two categories to which reference is made, on the basis of the method with which sound is transmitted:

  • AIRBORNE NOISE: the sound vibration propagates through the air;

  • STRUCTURAL NOISE: the sound vibration goes through the wooden structure reaching rooms also far apart.

Like many light structures, not even timber constructions can claim excellent acoustic performance at medium and low frequencies.

This is especially valid as regards the transmission of footstep noises in the form of structural vibrations transmitted to the contiguous wooden elements.

To stop the transmission of sound vibrations and obtain a reduction of noise it is good to rely on resilient products used according to the principle of desolidarisation, that is to say the construction action or technique which provides for the isolation or separation of the contiguous wooden elements through which the transmission of vibration, that is noise, could occur.

Resilient products are layers of elastic separation placed between rigid elements.

Their primary characteristic is that they prevent the transmission of vibrations among the structural components of the building on its partitions (such as footstep noise).

Intervening at this level means solving the problem when it arises, giving at the same time more flexibility and tolerance during the stages of processing and modification of the subsequent layers (thermo-acoustic insulation packages, claddings, dry linings, …).


In designing in the best possible way the sound insulation of your timber structure you can count on MyProject, the intuitive and reliable software dedicated to design professionals.

Full of functions, it includes a module dedicated to acoustic design which makes it possible to calculate the products to achieve the most suitable sound insulation.

The design can subsequently be exported in CAD format, and the calculation report can be printed and personalised with your logo.

MyProject simplifies your way of designing timber structures. Among the functions that it offers we can note:

  • Design of the sound insulation with different design frequencies;

  • Vibration reduction index calculated according to EN ISO 12354 standards;

  • Calculation of the ALADIN STRIPE resilient profile and creation of a printable plan;

  • Calculation of the soundproofing solution for frame and CLT constructions;

  • Importation of the .dxf file with function of automatic identification of walls and dimensions;

  • Printing of the technical report including computation and performance charts.


Material EPDM extruded and expanded
Thickness 5,0 and 7,0 mm
Dimensions strisce da 95 e 115 mm dividibili grazie al pretaglio
Applicable linear load from 2,0 to 30 kN/m
Acoustic performance ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Stability over time ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆


Technical data sheets
Item specification


CODE version B
ALADIN95 SOFT 95 50 5 1
ALADIN115 EXTRA SOFT 115 50 7 1

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