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XYLOFON is the high performance resilient profile that ensures acoustic comfort in timber structures and houses. Made of a polyurethane compound, it is available in 5 versions from 35 to 90 shore, on the basis of the load it has to support.

Tested and certified for use as a desolidarisation and mechanical interruption layer between building materials, it significantly reduces the transmission of airborne and structural noise (up to more than 15 dB).


Sound insulation is fundamental for a good quality of life. For soundproofing your timber house choose XYLOFON.

The resilient profile can be easily processed and installed using the most common site tools; its reliability over time is ensured by the homogeneity of polyurethane, whose monolithic structure ensures watertightness and the absence of subsidence over time.

Extremely chemically stable and without deformations over time, it ensures durability without the function losing effectiveness. The low thickness of the 5 versions supports a wide load range (up to 6 N/mm2) without affecting design choices, allowing deformations up to 1 mm of thickness.

Tested in the FLANKSOUND PROJECT by the Industrial Research Centre of the University of Bologna in accordance with the standard EN ISO 10848; tested also by the ETH Institute of Zurich for fire resistance, which reaches performance equivalent to an EI 60 solution without the need to use further fireproof sealants. Product free of VOCs and harmful substances. Suitable also for application on LVL panels.


In construction, sound is divided into two categories, depending on the mode of transmission:

  • AIRBORNE NOISE: the medium carrying the sound energy is air;

  • STRUCTURAL NOISE: the sound crosses the structure carrying the vibrations from room to room, even when not contiguous.

Timber structures, like all light constructions, do not have high acoustic performance at low frequencies, in particular with regard to sounds of impact and the transmission of structural vibration by the components making up the structure itself.

It is necessary to stop the spreading of vibrations in order to obtain a reduction of noise transmission. To do this recourse is made to resilient products used according to the principle of desolidarisation: that is the construction technique or action which keeps elements isolated or separated when contact would allow the transmission of vibrations and therefore noise.

By resilient products is meant elastic separating layers between rigid elements whose main feature is to prevent the transmission of vibrations in the building structure (e.g. impact or noise from footsteps) to its various partitions. Working at this level of the structure means being able to solve the problem at the source, allowing greater flexibility and tolerance during processing and modification of the subsequent layers, such as thermal and acoustic insulation or coverings and various kinds of dry linings.


Correct soundproofing of a timber structure with the resilient profile XYLOFON can be planned with MyProject, the practical and reliable software for design professionals. Among the various functions, the Acoustic module makes it possible to calculate adequate sound insulation and the solutions for obtaining it.

Subsequently, it is possible to export the project in CAD format and print the personalised calculation report with the logo of your studio.

With MyProject acoustic design of a timber house is simple. Specifically, the software offers the possibility to:

  • Design sound insulation in different design frequencies;

  • Calculate the vibration reduction index according to the EN ISO 12354 standard;

  • Calculate the XYLOFON resilient profile and create a printable plan for correct installation;

  • Calculate the sound insulation solution both for framed structures and for structures in CLT;

  • Import the .dxf file with automatic recognition of walls and dimensions;

  • Print the technical report complete with computation and performance charts.


Material Monolithic polyurethane mixture from 35 to 90 shore
Thickness 6,0 mm
Dimensions 80 to 140 mm strips
Applicable linear load from 2,0 to 630 kN/m
Acoustic performance ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Stability over time ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Technical data sheets
Item specification


CODE version B
XYL35080 35 SHORE 80 3.66 6 1
XYL35100 35 SHORE 100 3.66 6 1
XYL35120 35 SHORE 120 3.66 6 1
XYL35140 35 SHORE 140 3.66 6 1
XYL50080 50 SHORE 80 3.66 6 1
XYL50100 50 SHORE 100 3.66 6 1
XYL50120 50 SHORE 120 3.66 6 1
XYL50140 50 SHORE 140 3.66 6 1
XYL70080 70 SHORE 80 3.66 6 1
XYL70100 70 SHORE 100 3.66 6 1
XYL70120 70 SHORE 120 3.66 6 1
XYL70140 70 SHORE 140 3.66 6 1
XYL80080 80 SHORE 80 3.66 6 1
XYL80100 80 SHORE 100 3.66 6 1
XYL80120 80 SHORE 120 3.66 6 1
XYL80140 80 SHORE 140 3.66 6 1
XYL90080 90 SHORE 80 3.66 6 1
XYL90100 90 SHORE 100 3.66 6 1
XYL90120 90 SHORE 120 3.66 6 1
XYL90140 90 SHORE 140 3.66 6 1

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