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Consociata Marocco

Subsidiary Morocco

Our link with Morocco is long established and was strengthened in 2022 with the opening of the first North African branch in Marrakech.

Thanks to the team, we have built up an extensive customer network covering designers and builders, and we have always ensured the supply of work safety products on construction sites.

Together, we have been involved in important projects, but it is thanks to our new subsidiary and the possibility of storing products on site that we can be even more efficient in providing solutions for timber projects, even small ones.

Consociata Marocco
Consociata Marocco
Casablanca 2022
Consociata Sud Africa

Subsidiary South Africa

South Africa is rich in opportunities and the potential for the development of our market is great.

Here we opened our first branch in 2018 helping to kick-start the CLT revolution in the country.

As of today, many designers are involved in the construction of timber structures such as terraces and patios in resorts and hotels, local sawmills are becoming more structured and solid timber construction is also gaining ground every day thanks to our products.

These are the roads we have just started to travel, the ones we like best.

Cape Town 2018