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Consociata Canada

Subsidiary Canada

Dad, will you buy me a telescope? I want to go to Renon and watch America.

The answer to the question, in 2014, was much more Rebel than buying binoculars.

And indeed, in America, we opened a branch. The first overseas, in an environment similar to our own, Canada. A country with a developed market, where solid timber constructions were already widespread and CLT was already becoming popular.

The search for new horizons is what pushes our Alpine heart towards the international spirit. Imagining, exploring, doing.

Consociata Canada
Vancouver 2014
Consociata Argentina

Subsidiary Argentina

Argentina is as big as the world. And we, in 2012, formed our team over a barbecue in a flat in Buenos Aires.

A decade of great economic change was ahead of us, though perhaps not at the levels we have been through: in five years, the value of the Argentine currency has risen tenfold, triggering the highest inflation of all the countries in which we are present.

Despite this, we have completed large timber projects and provided safety solutions for those working at heights from tropical zones to Tierra del Fuego.

Today we have a real company on site, with offices, warehouse and logistics that guides us throughout Latin America.

Great world, great team!

Consociata Argentina
Buenos Aires 2012
Consociata Brasile

Subsidiary Brazil

We arrived in Brazil with a box of screws and an idea in our heads: to spread the know-how of timber construction. From a small warehouse where we used to store the must-haves of our product lines, we moved on to a company-owned warehouse and the implementation of large projects for a rapidly developing market.

We supported our customers in the construction of small warehouses but also giant facilities, we supported them in the creation of the first timber frame houses, just as we supported them in the design of the first CLT buildings.

A box of screws and an idea give great opportunities.

Curitiba 2012

Subsidiary Ecuador

This story tells of bulls and horns, but above all, of traditions.

In order to bring a bit of South America to Rothoblaas HQs, our Sales Engineer at the time packed his bullfighter brother's trophy: a taxidermied bull's head, many hours of waiting in customs and the arrival in Cortaccia in honour of a collaboration that has lasted since 2012.

To work worldwide means understanding traditions, and through the advice and support of the team we were able, even in Ecuador, to carve out the space to spread the know-how for the use of our product lines and enter the arena of timber construction.

Long live the bull!

Quito 2012
Consociata Cile

Subsidiary Chile

Rothoblaas' story in Chile began in 2012 and developed in parallel with the timber construction and security industry.

This story tells of collaboration, dedication and also of fun. This group has a special affinity and working together has allowed us to easily move into Chile and achieve great satisfaction.

Together we have participated in the construction of important wooden structures, we cooperate with numerous companies and universities and provide safety solutions to small and large customers.

Once again, productivity and fun turned out to be a winning combination!

Santiago 2012
Consociata Colombia

Subsidiary Colombia

Whenever a market starts to move slowly, a solution must be found to "save" the situation.

In 2012, the timber construction sector in Colombia was still at a very early stage and we still could see potential.

Our fall protection solutions "saved" us, products that covered a market need in a better than other product lines of ours. As a result, we have built up a network of customers with helmets and lifelines, harnesses and anchorage points, including designers and installers of fall protection systems, which has spread from Colombia to many other countries in South America.

We have created our strength from a difficulty, and today this strength also rewards us in the fast-growing timber construction sector.

Bogotá 2012
Consociata Messico

Subsidiary Mexico

Mexico: how much beauty, how much potential!

We started with timber projects in Acapulco and Mexico City and then introduced our solutions for safety at heights, including the installation of lifelines for industrial facilities.

In 2019, we opened our first Mexican branch and sold more than 1,200 metres of lifeline in one project, installing highly appreciated solutions.

The timber construction sector is making significant progress and our products have been integrated into Mexico's first solid timber structure.

Here, the timber construction market offers ample opportunities, parallel to the endless prospects of this extraordinary North American country.

Querétaro 2019

Subsidiary USA

Rothoblaas USA is young not only because of its presence in the country, but also because the team led by Hannes Blaas has the dynamism and energy to cover 50 states.

In the United States, building with timber is a tradition and the market is growing relentlessly, from timber frame for private house construction to solid wood for multi-storey buildings.

From our headquarters in Philadelphia we coordinate projects, deliveries and product support in 40 states: not only fasteners, but also products for waterproofing, soundproofing and fire protection.

This is how we manage to be connected with a large community of professionals who need innovative products across the board.

Infinite space and potential for a better yet to come!

Consociata USA
Subsidiary USA
Allentown 2019