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Consociata Australia

Subsidiary Australia

Australia and South Tyrol are at the antipodes of the world.

The challenges are many, the distances huge, the time zones don't always help us, but in Australia the potential was too great to pass up.

It is partly thanks to meetings before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m. and containers travelling across the seas that we managed to participate in one of Ballarat's most iconic timber projects, the Gov Hub, built entirely of CLT.

Because timber construction reaches far, no ocean can hold.

Consociata Australia
Carrum Downs 2014
Consociata New Zeland

Subsidiary New Zealand

This is the branch at the antipodes of Rothoblaas HQs.

In 2021, in Kerikeri, New Zealand, we kicked off a new adventure, because in a country where timber construction is taking shape, we cannot miss out.

Through the local team, we can consolidate relationships with the customers we met back in 2013, as exporters and distributors.

How do we do it? Sometimes with private aircraft piloted directly by our General Manager.

Unbelievable but true!

Consociata New Zeland
Consociata New Zeland
Kerikeri 2021
Consociata Giappone

Subsidiary Japan

Some meetings change your life.

As a researcher at the University of Trento, you receive a phone call from Rothoblaas' CEO. You, Japanese, speak Italian. He is Italian but does not know Japanese. You share a common passion: the culture of wood.

It was thanks to this meeting and the mediation of a professional in the sector who was able to introduce us to the Japanese mentality that the collaboration was born, which opened the doors of the Rising Sun to Rothoblaas. Working together, we better understood the culture, analysed the local construction systems, the process for certification and, above all, passed the seismic resistance tests required to build in the country.

In Japan it is time for large CLT buildings and we are there.

Tokyo 2019
Consociata Korea

Subsidiary Korea

Korea: new entry, new culture.

Here again, we approach the local culture with one certainty: together we want to spread sustainable building not only through solid timber construction products, but also with solutions for the safety of building workers at height.

Keywords? Collaboration and drive towards big goals!

Seoul 2022
Consociate Indonesia

Subsidiary Indonesia

Indonesia. This is another country with endless opportunities for spreading the culture of timber construction.

We have recently established a presence in Jakarta and, with the support of an office and a small team, we are building our network of professionals in the field of occupational safety, one of the issues closest to our hearts.

A secure foundation is needed to raise awareness and know-how about traditional and innovative timber construction.

Our horizon is clear, secure and sustainable.

Consociate Indonesia
Jakarta 2023