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UV and weather protection

When building façades, it is essential to protect the structure from water, rain, wind and sun. Speaking of UV radiation, we can state that only certain product types, because of their mass per unit area and special compounds, boast high thermal and dimensional stability, which allows them to be used even in areas where high operating temperatures are reached or where high UV stability is required.

TRASPIR EVO UV 210, TRASPIR EVO UV 115 façade membranes, with their special monolithic film and the addition of stabilisers to absorb thermal energy, can also be installed in façades with open-jointed cladding.

The products offered by Rothoblaas do not stop there, and in the range there are UV-resistant sealing tapes such as FLEXI BAND UV, FACADE BAND UV and TERRA BAND UV.

Fire resistant solutions 

Structures with high fire resistance provide good compartmentalisation by preventing the spread of fire and smoke. Materials with a high fire rating do not contribute to the spread of fire because they do not burn, generate smoke or droplets of glowing material.

For passive fire prevention, materials that limit the spread of flames must be chosen to ensure the safety of occupants and minimise risks, damage and costs. Surely you don't want to put your façade at risk? Be smart and learn more about our solutions:

Concealed connections

Using timber for external cladding is becoming increasingly popular; in fact, this choice makes it possible to optimally combine architectural requirements with thermal performance. In recent years, we are seeing new connectors breaking the mould and covering all those connections with special configurations, where the only solution is to have a hidden, internal connection that can support both lifting and shear stress.

 Using DISC FLAT means making completely concealed joints, ensuring aesthetically pleasing but also unrivalled strength due to the variety of stresses it can support: lateral, axial, and vertical in both directions!

LOCK FLOOR, is the aluminium profile for timber-to-timber and timber-to-concrete joints with exceptional strength, which can be removed quickly and is ideal for the construction of CLT floors with support on concrete or CLT walls. LOCK FLOOR is also suitable for coupling to the timber structure of prefabricated infill walls.

Fastening systems for every need

Fastening has a marginal impact on the total cost of the façade cladding, but it has a major impact on its durability and quality over time. Knowing how to choose the most suitable solution to achieve maximum architectural and at the same time static performance is essential for a façade that will stand the test of time.

Our fasteners make it possible to make concealed connections between timber elements and mixed timber-to-steel connections, and the small diameters of the cladding screws ensure minimum distances and the possibility of fastening slender visible joists. The multiple special coatings for high corrosion resistance known as EVO ensure durability and technical effectiveness along with solutions to avoid thermal bridges.

It is possible to simply fasten large timber elements to metal structures in order to build architecturally superior structures. Find out how all this is available here and now:

VERTIGRIP: the secure grip that takes you to the top 

Designing an aesthetically impressive façade is not enough. Making it safe is equally important, and we know how safeguarding operators is equally crucial, that is why we have developed VERTIGRIP: the vertical lifeline that is quick and easy to install in just a few steps.
Unlike other lifelines, VERTIGRIP can reach a length of 200 meters while maintaining a distance between the intermediate supports of 5 meters: in this way the number of elements required is effectively limited. Combining practicality with aesthetics is now possible!
This modular system, which allows a controlled ascent and descent in complete safety, meets all design requirements thanks to the range of accessories available, such as landing handles, which make it truly versatile. But safety goes further, discover the complete solutions for worry-free working